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Like most collectors I'm particularly fascinated by full setups so these are top priority. However due to my (nearly) obsessive collecting nature I enjoy the standard cels, dougas and gengas too!

The list below highlights a few setups that would make me proud to own and they are the EXACT frames I'm searching for. At present I'm especially looking for cels from Akira, Cyber City OEDO and Ninja Scroll- but I'm a sucker for any other artwork from the series I collect!

As I get round to making screen caps from the series I enjoy, this section will become MASSIVE but I'll restrict myself to around a dozen images per anime ^__^

Please contact me if you have anything like this for sale and I'll definately reply to your message.

Click on attached images to enlarge.

Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Devilman : AMON

Taunting Akira with the head of his girlfriend- savage beast! I know someone already owns this... Very High
The best line-work in the episode. I know someone already owns this... Very High
Amon extinguises his foe High
Stallos and his horde High
Amon's victory. Nice beard Medium
Fighting himself, Amon mocks Devilman Medium
Main 'baddie' of the opposing demons Medium
Meeting with Sato, great background Medium
Rapid punches ensue- Devilman's 'Hundred Cracked Fist' akin to Kenshiro Medium
Touching scene in the classroom between Akira and Miki, great colouring Medium
With the anger unleashed, Devilman retailliates and kicks seven bells out of his alter ego Medium
Amon about to take a chunk out of the girl- a surprising twist because I thought he'd save her... Low
Dominion Tank Police

Snuggling up to Buaku with his dreams of retiring to the countryside, so sweet! Very High
"FIRE!" In their battle tank High
Anna-Puma sulks after smashing into a police tank and Buaku gets angry at her High
Enlarged through the Policeman's gun sight, a nice composition and very voyeuristic, heh High
Sister #1 Stripping High
Sister #2 Stripping High
Sustaining an injury ^__^ High
Uni-Puma on her way to the hospital/lab High
Hakkenden, The

Any setups/hankens would be amazing, particularly of Dosetsu and Kobungo Medium
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : OVA1
Iggy munching on Polnareff's hair- classic and very comical, especially when he farts in his face! Very High
Star Platinum "Hora Hora Hora"!! Very High
Jotaro and Abdul with Speed Wagon helicopter in BG. Great composition. I was outbid on this setup in early 2005 on YJ. It sold for 14,500yen which had just overstretched my budget at the time *pah*. I'm still hoping I'll have the opportunity to own it sometime! High
Magician's Red Stand with matching flames not obscuring his face High
Manga-Style drama frames 1 High
Manga-Style drama frames 2 High
Who is the new Stand user? High
Imminent attack from N'Dul's water Stand Medium
Polnareff is sceptical about 'The Fool' Medium
The group patch themselves up following N'Dul's attack Low
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : OVA2
N'Dul admits defeat to Jotaro. Stunning foreshortening and composition featuring 2 fave charas Will Give Kidney
Dio Brando. A single pan shot from his legs upwards. One of only a few shots of him in the first 3 JoJo episodes Very High
Star Platinum throws Iggy. Must have the whole setup including airbrush effects Very High
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : Prequel series
Abdul and his Stand, Magician's Red Very High
Formal introduction of Jean Pierre Polnareff. I've acquired a similarly important shot for this scene immediately after he's demonstrated Chariot's skill but this exact frame still features high on my wishlist Very High
Group intrigued by Polnareff's power Very High
Jotaro against garden backdrop Very High
Jotaro in the forest versus Kakiyoin Very High
Learns the meaning of the birthmark Very High
Noriaki Kakiyoin's formal introduction Very High
Our first encounter with Joseph Joestar Very High
Ultimate Dio Brando Very High
Joseph and Jotaro's standoff at the prison High
Joseph elevated shot High
Jotaro Kujo High
Pan part 1 of 2 High
Pan part 2 of 2 High
Polnareff profile ACQUIRED!! I still need the BG but now have this cut ^__^ High
Akai sitting in the shadows watching Kanie perform with his girl Very High
Determination in her eyes. I love images that have foreshortening Very High
Ideal portrait of Obari. Lovely warm lighting effect Very High
The angle is great, the blue BG sets the characters off and the shot perfectly shows Akai's mental & physical hold over Sawa. Very High
This EXACT frame, A1, when Sawa's head is still up, her mouth is open and she's looking downwards Very High
We discover it was Kanie who killed her parents. He's so spooky! Very High
Kanie eating his fries whilst chatting to Obari High
Nice position High
Sawa pulls both guns on Akai, his time is up High
Stunning back[fore]ground with Akai keeping an eye on Obari High
The first kill High
The shot prior to her flashback memories of when her parents were killed. High
Tutoring the new assassin High
Vertical pan cel of Akai's place. Spot the yellow VW Beetle which was to later feature in Mezzo Forte ;) High
"SAWA"! screams Akai as he's about to have a taste of his own medicine and be shot down Medium
Dirty old men perving over the young ladies- cool ^__^ Medium
Discarding Sawa's earrings, symbolising disregard for her parents Medium
Loading the gun for his next mission- revenge against his corrupt employers Medium
OP setup. After the kill, Sawa makes her way to the rooftop and prepares to dive off. The BG is amazing here Medium
YES! Shoot that 'celebrity' between the eyes! He SO deserves that, the loud-mouthed, arrogant @$$ Medium
Memories : Magnetic Rose

A touching moment between father & daughter Very High
Emily loves her Dad's gift, a toy spacesuit Very High
Trying to stop Miguel form being sucked in to the hallucination. Amazing BG Very High
Clutching the representation of his dead daughter while the android looks on [the shadow] High
Heintz sees the woman for the first time. Nice distance between these two and expressions High
Miguel & Heintz enter the craft and are amazed at the spectacle High
Such detailed backgrounds, I wonder if there was any computer enhancement or not? This kind of detail was later seen in VHD Bloodlust High
The Opera singer, Eva Freda, who's the focus of this film High
Heintz proves his ID for the record on tape before commencing the SOS search Medium
Mezzo Forte OVA1 *Hentai*
Some dead dirty 'H' setups would be cool but I know they're rare. This one pictured was on YJ, 29th Oct 2006 and sold for 40,000y, WOW. Very High
I'm usually a fan of the minor characters, Hiroka is one of my faves and this scene cracks me up! High
Detailed BGs featuring any character(s) would be nice. I like cels that sum up a scene. Medium
Mezzo Forte OVA2 *Hentai*

Pigtailed Mikura as seen (designed) in the latest Mezzo DSA series Very High
Face and Gun close up, perfect combination High
Head tilted, evil glint in the eye and hand gun in the same shot, wonderful. High
Kurokawa happy to see Harada alive. Nice composition and BG High
Momo in the Shower- the only nekked scene of her in the whole OVA High
One of my fave baddies with his smug look and trademark hitman's weapon of choice High
Vivid colouring, a beautifully detailed BG with the Yellow VW High
"Give me your Gun" Nice foreshortening of Momo's hand, great composition Medium
Pan shot of the Thugs at the Cafe Medium
Street Fighter Alpha / Zero

Akuma, the only 'main' character I've yet to get. I keep geting outbid on the auctions when they come along! Very High
Excellent composition of Sakura from the Ending Credits Very High
A happy Ryu, the only time he smiles in the anime- beautiful colouring High
Ken's Dragon Punch as seen in the Ending Credits High
Mid-shot of Zangief in the 'Russian Bear' pose High
Sadlers weapon; this shot shows his true evil nature. I love the glowing eye! High
Sakura against the bright lights which emphasise her personality High
Another growling Ryu Medium
Chun Li in her Blue top Medium
Zangief Close-up, great design Medium

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