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In 1996 a Playstation game was released based on the Bastard!! manga series. An Adventure/RPG, it has numerous anime cut-scenes and some of the most amazing backgrounds I've seen. A couple of kind YouTubers have uploaded clips from this game which I present here, well worth checking out if you like the Bastard!! series and try to spot the artwork from this gallery too ;)

"Dark Schneider Vs Kall Su" Game segment:

"Dark Schneider's Dream" Game segment:

"Dark Schneider Wakes Up" game segment:

 Gara & Arshes Nei

 Kall Su & Gang


 Inside Church

 Outside Church

 Turbulant Landscape

 Scorched Earth


 DS's Wrath 1

 DS's Wrath 2

 Sorcerer's Strength

 Woodland Tree

 Arshes' Woodland

 Young Arshes Nei

 DS Wakes Up

 Rainbow Sky

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