JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : Prequel OVA2

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The 7-part Prequel series is a CGI anime made in 2001. It gives us an insight into the 'Stand' power and introduces us to the main characters, demonstrating how they got together for their quest to defeat Dio Brando.
Just like the original OVA [1993-94], the quality of the artwork changed between episodes because it had different directors and I assume the budget fell short in later episodes. My favourite episodes in this short series are 1-3 which focus on each of the 'goodie' characters- Jotaro/Joseph/Abdul in OVA1, Kakiyoin in OVA2 and Polnareff in the third.

It gives me great pleasure to present an array of drawings from this series for two reasons. I enjoy the story/concept a great deal and love the artistic style by character designer Junichi Hayama. Plus, I believe I'm the first gallery worldwide to show genga from this series.

All artwork here is shown in chronological order with matching screenshots and some ani-gifs of the douga sets too!


 Board the Plane

 Embark on the Quest

 Burning Stare

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