Guy : Double Target

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This 1990 anime was released in two 35-minute parts, Guy: Awakening Of The Devil [1990] and Guy: Second Target [1992].
Both episodes were grouped together as "Double Target" and marketed to an young adult male audience because of its violent and sexual scenes and the bad language which is prolific in the English dub.

It was the first release on UK label Animania [through AD Vision] in 1994 who actually did a good job, but they didn't last long as a company...

A low-budget and technically poor space/fantasy/cyberpunk series, Guy had some nice character designs, especially the creatures, and it had a certain charm.
Inspired by manga and other anime of that era such as Gumnn, The Guyver and Genesis Survivor Gaiarth, I'm sure that Guy would have inspired other series in the wave of similar titles that were produced in the early 90's

 Guy Strikes

 Guy As Monster

 Injury 1

 Injury 2

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