Jungle De Ikou

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Jungle De Ikou is a slice of African-inspired legend brought to life in a Japanese setting.

Natsumi is a young girl who's archaeologist father gives her a gift from one of his recent explorations- special ancient African jewellery. It's a necklace and earrings.
Unbeknownst to them, the necklace contains the magical power to summon Mie, the Flower Spirit of nature and fertility.
The jewels also house Ongo, god of destruction!
When Ongo is released, Natsumi must awaken the Flower Spirit to put him back in his place before he wreaks havoc.

I really enjoyed this 3-part OVA, it had a lot of breast and pantie jokes which I thought was hilarious; I'm so immature ;) *heh* It's all good fun.
The story was entertaining too as were the characters who were all well designed. Earth God, Ahem was a cool [but pervy] old man wearing underwear on his head towards the end, which was very bizarre!
This light hearted crazyness made for great viewing, a change to the seriousness of other series I enjoy!

Cels are displayed chronologically.

 Air Strike

 Amorous Nami

 Rongo Powers Up

 Rising Water

 Attacking US Plane

 Soft Landing

 Holiday Bordom

 Natsumi's Mother


 Spiritual Surprise

 Giant Mie

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