Ichi The Killer [Koroshiya Ichi]

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Based on the disturbing manga by Hideo Yamamoto, this 45min anime tells the story of how bully victim, Hajime Shiroishi, was manipulated into becoming Ichi The Killer. It's similar to the second live action movie '1', which is a prequel to Takashi Miike's infamous rendition- Ichi The Killer, the first version put to film.

Ichi episode 0 started production in 2001 and was released in 2002. You will notice that most of these copy settei are labelled November/December 2001.
Since uploading this series, I've acquired the ORIGNIAL hand-penciled settei which I've very happy about!

The character designer was Tsuneo Ninomiya, veteran designer/animation director since the early 1970's.
His designs are quite distinct, the characters 'look' Japanese in their facial features and the style is edgy yet simplistic. However, the translation of the designs into the final anime didn't succeed, in my opinion. Whether it was due to budget restrictions or the director's wishes, characters and animation appear very naiive but they still work well within the context of the story to help convey the twisted, juvenille, psychotic world as seen through Hajime's eyes.
In fact, the style is reminiscent of Mike Judge's 'Beavis & Butthead' and 'King of the Hill'.

I hope you enjoy viewing these model sheets, to my knowledge there are no other collections on the web.

 Ichi 01 [Heads 1]

 Ichi 02 [Ichi 1]

 Ichi 03 [Weapon 1]

 Ichi 04 [Hajime 1]

 Ichi 05 [Hajime 2]

 Ichi 06 [Hajime 3]

 Ichi 07 [Hajime 4]

 Ichi 08 [Hajime 5]

 Ichi 09 [Hajime 6]

 Ichi 10 [Hajime 7]

 Ichi 11 [Hajime 8]

 Ichi 12 [Hajime 9]

 Ichi 13 [Hajime 10]

 Ichi 14 [Hajime 11]

 Ichi 15 [Hajime 12]

 Ichi 16 [Hajime 13]

 Ichi 17 [Hajime 14]

 Ichi 18 [Hajime 15]

 Ichi 19 [Kakihara 1]

 Ichi 20 [Kakihara 2]

 Ichi 21 [Kakihara 3]

 Ichi 22 [Tanabe 1]

 Ichi 23 [Tanabe 2]

 Ichi 24 [Tanabe 3]
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