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'A KITE' by Yasuomi Umetsu in '98 was his anime breakthrough in the west which demonstrated his action-packed storytelling featuring sex and violence. The 2-part OVA tells the story of a young, orphaned female assassin (Sawa) guided by a corrupt detective (Akai) who convinces her to kill specific 'evil doers'. This cop is a nasty character who sexually abuses her but Sawa forms a bond with Obari, another young male assassin forced to work for the cop, and they agree to break free of their professions and turn the tables on their boss.

All cels are displayed in chronological order. To demonstrate a setup, I've included a screenshot (where applicable), below the main image.

 Sawa Hanken Repro

 Abnoxious Punk


 Intercourse with Akai

 Into the Subway


 Obari's Day Job

 At the Store

 Sawa's Introduction

 Obari's Hideout

 Minty Fresh


 Catch a Piggy by it's Toe


 Near Miss

 Forced to Kill

 Precious Earrings

 Make Your Choice


 Reward [Genga]


 Hanging Around


 Lost Earring

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