UFO Princess Valkyrie

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On the search for anime featuring Catgirls, this one sprang up and was a series I hadn't previously heard of. It's had a few TV series in Japan but I don't think there's an English version. CG-based, there are no cels to be found only genga; but I've seen some beautiful pieces so I'll be adding to this section with new aquisitions over time.

I currently have 16-20 Cuts from this series so expect to see more artwork here soon!

 Catgirl Gathering 1

 Catgirl Gathering 2

 OVA1, Cut 137- 1

 OVA1, Cut 137- 2

 OVA1, Cut 137- 3

 OVA1, Cut 137- 4

 OVA1, Cut 137- 5

 OVA1, Cut 137- 6

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