Angel Blade Settei *Hentai*

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Angel Blade is my favourite hentai anime- FULL STOP. Masami Oburi's character designs are amazing, he draws the perfect female body; what red-blooded male can resist the charms of these cute, busty vixens whos breasts pop out at every possible moment? o__0
The colouring is aptly chosen (by Yukiki Itou) and Oburi's well versed in mech design too from his days on Dangaioh, Gundam etc. The story isn't the main pull for me, it's simply the visuals *tee hee*, although I enjoy the horror/action/heroine storyline.
Angel Blade comes to BlueBlade!
I've been fortunate enough to obtain a partial set of copy Settei, many of which have been signed by Obari himself and other sub-character desiners. Such artwork is thin on the ground, if you ever see any for sale please let me know ^__^
I've included colour screenshots to accompany the artwork to demonstrate how some of the characters turned out in the final anime and to add a little colour to this monotone gallery! Enjoy.

 Angel Blade 01

 Angel Blade 02

 Angel Blade 03

 Angel Blade 04

 Angel Blade 05

 Angel Blade 06

 Angel Blade 07

 Angel Blade 08

 Angel Blade 09

 Angel Blade 10

 Angel Blade 11

 Angel Blade 12

 Angel Blade 13

 Angel Blade 14

 Angel Blade 15

 Angel Blade 16

 Angel Blade 17

 Angel Blade 18

 Angel Blade 19

 Angel Blade 20

 Angel Blade 21

 Angel Blade 22

 Angel Blade 23

 Angel Blade 24
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