Akai Hayate (+ Hanken)

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Thanks to Chris [Chris' Cel Site] for identifying this fairly obscure 1992 CPM/Us Manga Corps Anime title! It's not one I had heard of before but it looks like a great fantasy/martial arts adventure which I'll have to pick up on VHS. Thanks Chris!
Here's the blurb about the title: "When the Shinogara's finest warrior murders their leader, who's also his father, his ninja enemies land a fatal blow. With only minutes left, Hayate transfers his soul into his sister's body...but how long can two souls occupy the same body"?

 Hayate Hanken 1

 Hayate Hanken 2

 Hayate Hanken 3

 Hayate Hanken 4

 You have Your Orders

 Hayate 01

 Hayate 02

 Hayate 03

 Hayate 04

 Hayate 05

 Hayate 06

 Hayate 07

 Hayate 08

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