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2004 saw the release of a 13-part Mezzo Forte TV series entitled Danger Service Angency [DSA]. The same crime fighting team of Mikura, Kurokawa and Harada is joined by a new mini member, Asami. It has similar humerous touches to the OVA but with no hentai content. Being a CGI anime I don't have any cels so it's Backgrounds, Genga and Layouts only ^__^ Check out the sketches which accompany the backgrouds. Enjoy!
The gallery is arranged in chronological order, screencaps are included where I had space :P

 OVA1 Barber Shop

 OVA1 Useless Trio

 OVA1 Insulted

 OVA1 Blasting the Door

 OVA1 Lab Door

 OVA8 Virtual Experience 1

 OVA8 Virtual Experience 2

 OVA13 Building Renovation

 OVA13 Hiding Out

 Shitajiki 1

 Shitajiki 2

 Shitajiki 3

 Shitajiki 4

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