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Certainly one of my top 5 favourties, Kawajiri/Madhouse's 1990 Cyberpunk thriller hits the mark. Shame there were only 3 episodes, a 13-parter would have been amazing (if they could have kept up the budget).
This is the best English dub I've ever heard in anime too- avoid the Japanese voices/soundtrack at all costs! (which is an odd thing for me to say) Bruce Martin, Marc Smith & Daniel Flynn have the perfect voices for these charas and the direction/translation is superior.
I made a Cyber City Music Video in 2000 using some music from the video game Toshinden- you can DL the 58mb AVI Video here:

The gallery is arranged by character, largley chronologically.

 Benten & Sen Goku

 Crash Landing

 Skyscraper Interior

 Benten 1

 Benten Takes a Ride

 Benten CP Uniform

 Remi Masuda

 Incapacitate Duct Droid

 Droid Ahoy!

 "Take This Sucker"

 Sen Goku

 Maintenance Vent

 At Your Service

 Sen Goku Struggles

 Downloading You...

 ...Straight Into Hell


 Dog Collar
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