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These are series from which I have only 1 piece of artwork [occasionally 2] and don't plan to get more. They are usually impulse buys from shows where I'm not a huge fan, but love the art/scene nonetheless.
The series are arranged alphabetically

 Angel Cop

 Battle Athletes


 Demon Beast Invasion


 Doukyuusei II

 Dragonball Z

 Dragon Pink

 Ghost in the Shell

 GTO 1

 GTO 2

 Isaku *Hentai*

 Macross D 7

 Mahoraba 'Heartful Days'

 Moon Phase

 Most Spirited Man 1

 Most Spirited Man 2

 Neo Ranga

 Plastic Little

 Psychic Force

 Record Of Lodoss War

 Refrain Blue

 Rurouni Kenshin

 Samurai Shodown
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