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Special pieces which I particularly value, most of which are not displayed in any other section. Rare and signed artwork/merchandise, presented in alphabetical order.

 Virus Hanken Layout

 AKIRA Poster Signed

 AKIRA Script

 AKIRA Coloured Art

 Katsuhiro Otomo Autograph

 Black Lagoon 1 Signed

 Black Lagoon 2 Signed

 Dangaioh Creatives

 Devilman AMON Signed

 Dominion Club

 Eiken Book Signed

 Eiken Manga Drawing

 Flower Claw Signed *Hentai*

 Tetsuo Hara Sketch/Sig

 Toshihiro Hirano Shikishi

 Imma Youjo Hanken

 Koike Manga Signed

 Kojima Manga Signed

 Goseki Kojima Shikishi 1

 Goseki Kojima Shikishi 2

 Goseki Kojima Shikishi 3

 Goseki Kojima Shikishi 4

 Goseki Kojima Shikishi 5

 Goseki Kojima Shikishi 6
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Curator: Krafty
Gallery Created: 10/27/2004
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