Street Fighter Alpha / Zero

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Since I bought the first Street Fighter game back in the day and have [more or less] followed it ever since, SF holds a place in my heart. I've never been keen on any of the anime incarnations until Alpha came along! To put it simply, I love the big square noses and rugged graphic quality that character designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi utilizes. Referring to the DVD interview, he himself admits that he's "not so good at pretty-looking characters" which is why I appreciate his interpretations.
The gallery is arranged by Character

 Strive for Victory!

 Our Hero Ryu

 On a Mission

 Ryu Means Business


 Into Action

 On the Offensive

 Fight on!


 Even the Score

 Close Shave

 Submit to Evil

 Dark Hado

 Chun Li 1

 Fending off Thug

 Chun Li 2

 Chun Li 3

 Chun Li 4

 Chun Li 5

 Chun Li Douga 1

 Chun Li Douga 2

 At the Dojo

 Ken 1

 Ken 2
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