Dominion Tank Police

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One of Masamune Shirow's early masterpieces, Dominion Tank Police is one manga and anime series that got me hooked on the genre from the age of 15.
The Blade Runner-esque environment with cyborgs, criminals and an unconventional police force is a strong theme/setting but I also enjoyed the humour which stopped the series from becoming stale or too serious. I'm not generally a fan of the Japanese slapstick humour but most of it in Dominion mixes this with fairly dark undertones.

I highly recommend the English dub of the 1988 original 4-parter, even the intro/outro credits are decent.
The 6 part follow-up OVA in 1994 is less entertaining with fewer laughs and doesn't feel as concise as the original but it's watchable nonetheless.

Tank S.W.A.T. is the latest incarnation of the series [March 2006] so it's good to see the franchise is still healthy.


 Police Officer

 Leona Osaki 1

 Leona Osaki 2

 Armed Catgirl

 Caught By Surprise


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