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One of the first anime I saw on VHS which still holds fond memories. Brilliant character designs, Mecha, and action made this a great series. The UK version was released as a single feature length edition using the second two episodes but I since located the first episode in the US and now have the series in English Dub and original Japanese Sub. *still remember the music when Dangaioh powers up* ;p
I've very pleased with the small set of Genga, they were probably drawn by Masami Oburi himself who took the helm at designing the show's Mecha

 Rol Kran OP

 Dangaioh OP

 Dangaioh Genga 1

 Dangaioh Genga 2

 Dangaioh Genga 3

 Dangaioh Genga 4

 Dangaioh Genga 5

 Lamba Nom

 Strength of a Woman

 Pai Profile

 Pai Attacked

 Hypnotic Eye

 Pan Out 1

 Pan Out 2

 Cry Dangaioh!

 Computer Nerd

 Rol Barges Gilburgh

 Gilburgh vs Dangaioh

 Gilburgh 1

 Severe Pink Eye

 Cockpit Fighter

 On the 'Goggle Box'

 Skelton/Gilburgh 1

 Skelton/Gilburgh 2
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