Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust

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Bloodlust is directed by one of my fave Japanese animation directors Yoshiaki Kawajiri. It has the crispest and most detailed artwork I've seen and keeps within the dark gothic style of it's '85 predecessor. Character designs are typical Kawajiri which is why I adore this production so much. The gallery is arranged by character, largely chronologically.

 D Gengas


 D Strikes


 Testing the Defences

 Talk to the Hand


 D and His Steed

 On the Trot

 Riding Off

 Ride 'em Cowboy

 Goth Boy





 Meier Vs D

 Final Clash

 Meier's Carriage 1

 Taking Flight


 Argh the Light!

 Meier's Carraige 2

 Meier's Carriage 3
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Gallery Created: 10/27/2004
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