Mezzo Forte OVA1 *Hentai*

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Yasuomi Umetsu's follow-up to KITE is slicker and has more superb character designs. The colouring is excellent, vivid and suited to the characterization/style of the film. The Gallery is arranged in chronological order

 Momomi's Subtle Smile

 Pervy Thug cops a Feel

 Don't Mess With Me

 Delivers a Slap 1

 Delivers a Slap 2

 Talk w/ Kurokawa

 Sawa's Cameo

 She Looks Real

 How Do You Do?

 Smug Thugs

 Give the Lady a Hand

 Mikura is peeved

 Hands Up


 Hey Old Man

 Are you Listening?

 Detonation Imminent

 Smokey Surprise

 Shock Horror


 Break The Fall

 Step on It!

 Close Shave

 Leap Aboard
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Curator: Krafty
Gallery Created: 10/27/2004
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