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BlueBlade AKIRA - My site dedicated to Otomo's manga/anime masterpiece AKIRA. All original Image Galleries [Stills, Cels, Fanart, Cosplay etc], News, Merchandise, Production Reports, Active Forum Community and much more
Organic Metal - My Bro's artwork site. He's inspired by Anime, Manga, US Comic Book and Video Game art. He's accepting commissions alongside his professional work!

Cel Protection & Supplies - Some storage ideas for your artwork collection. Since I'm from England, the links will include retailers based in this country or include ones that ship to the UK/Europe who are great to deal with in terms of service and competitive prices.

Collectorline / Just Comics - Collectorline have the best type of paper/cel protection bags. Buy the 'TV21/Eagle/Treasury' sized bags for BGs and Movie cels. Other retailers have different brands but the dimensions are slightly too small. You can order these products from your local comic shop. UK delivery only
JR Comics & Collectables - Buy the 'Old 2000AD' sized comic bas to store your standard TV/OVA cels and genga in; you may want backing boards too which'll keep the artwork rigid. 4.99 per 100 is a great deal and John is happy to deal with large or small orders

Cel Galleries - A selection of online galleries that showcase some qualities I love. Rare/exciting setups & series; great site design; some demonstrate the madness *ahem* dedication of its owner.

An Otaku's Obsession - When Stacy set up her petite RS gallery the first thing that caught my eye was the Akira gallery. Wow, another English collector who enjoys Akira! Her collection has since grown immensely with tons of series to enjoy from Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion to Ninja Scroll and VHD Bloodlust
Cel Buster - Buster collects great series some of my faves, Kite, Mezzo, La Blue Girl...
Fortunes of the Winged Serpent - Impressive collection from a variety of series. A 'fine art' approach to the site design which makes it stand out from others, plus the curator knows a lot about the art she collects. A joy to visit
Kenrico Anime Cels - Enrico has an impressive collection of Fist of the North Star and JoJo's Bizarre Advetnure artwork. Check out the Signed items and his 'About' page for some amazing pictures.
Silus Atrium - Marco's dedication to Yasuomi Umetsu's art brought him to RS and the wonderful hobby of cel collecting. Experience some great cels/settei from Kite/Mezzo/Yello Star etc
Startyde - The guy who shares my love of the same anime. Jon's acquired AMAZING setups over the years and I thank him for helping me out with my collection too in terms of Mezzo and WordsWorth art- cheers bro ;)


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