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Why 'BlueBlade'?...
Having been a fan of Samurai Jidai Geki, Martial Arts movies and that whole era of Asian history/culture I took inspiration from the 'Hamon' of a sword. Hamon is the subtle blue/grey design above the cutting edge of the blade artistically designed by the master swordsmith and refined by the polisher. The resulting pattern is often said to resemble flowers or clouds.

A passion for Art:
My collection started in '94 with my first Akira cel and I had been hooked ever since. With few UK dealers, the internet has been a godsend for me to build my anthology of anime artwork and almost all of my cels have been obtained from 2000.

Amassing anime DVDs is a hobby for me too but the pitfall is that the more anime I watch, the more I end up collecting! Thankfully sheets of paper don't take up too much room so I get by ^__^

About me:
Graduate in Professional Media (Video, Photography, Graphic Design) I'm a keen Asian Film fan- Japanese, Chinese, HK and Korean films. My favourite genres are the Gangter Thrillers and Jidai Geki- Period Samurai Swordplay films. The warrior ethics, Bushido, play an important part in my life and I'm fascinated by their traits in the films I watch and anime art I collect. This explains my penchant for unusual characters in a series, the humble, mild-mannered but resilient ones who can kick arse if need be ;)

In 2003 I wrote the main content for the book "The Art of Drawing Manga" which my brother excellently illustrated. My bro has gone on to do other successful pseudo 'How to Draw' Manga books and you can visit his website via the Links Page.

This website (and the internet in general) is a great way to share our collections with fans all over the world. My 'real-life' friends don't have an interest in art so this is an exciting community, thanks for visiting my gallery! ^__^
If you ever want to get in touch, please feel free, I love hearing from other fans and collectors.

Domo arigatou.

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